einige texte unserer stücke, alle von balkan-express geschrieben 2002-2018 (alphabetisch)

brala jana kapini (thema - märchenhafte kirschenküsse): every time I kiss her I wanna scream / give me give me more cherries and cream / snow-white tell me more fairytales / how I miss your wild berries / my honey's kisses taste of cherries and cream / rose-red tell me more fairytales / can't resist you ma chérie / so give me give me more cherries and cream // purple lips of fresh cherries / crimson dips in red berries

bubamara (thema - vulkanausbruch): fly away fly away / ladybird ladybird / fly away from home // annie's farm is on fire / ararat's peak explodes / black clouds mounting higher / smoke around the globe // icicles keep raining / annie's sheep get drowned / mudslides flood the plain and / magma streams downtown // red hot stones from the sky / in ponds and lakes and seas / annie's mother is crying / ashes dry the tears // bursting thunders farther / ararat's slopes are dark / annie carries her mother / up to noah's ark

cheerio (thema - hoch lebe das paar): cheerio cheerio lift up your glass / romeo and juliet - cheerio // cheerio cheerio two more cheers in stereo / juliet and romeo cheers for the heroes of this show // cheerio cheerio lift up your glass business class / romeo and juliet cheers from our studio quartet

dacia (thema - nosferatu-film): horses at night clattering on cobblestone / carts with coffins and soil leaving transylvania / ho young girls beware the bloody teeth of bat-man / who foresees the voyage of the maniac // midnight sissy sleeps she didn't hear the beastly creature / who besieged the weeny village seeking victims for it's greed / sissy screams she feels the teeth the freezing lips the skinny fingers / she is squeezed her spirits leave the bleeding ceases rest in peace // who can stop the caravan of dracula // sissy is a teeny in a weeny village / in a windmill in a steep descending street / she enjoys to drink a tea - feel the sea-breeze on her skin / meet the fisherwomen near the village inn // sissy is religious with a deep belief in jesus / she did a pilgrimage to francis of assisi / she resists the silly city with its kinky dinky mistresses / seducing little pissers dealing kisses // who can stop the caravan of dracula

dunjezute (thema - immer nach der handynummer fragen): once upon a voyage I met her in that first class carriage / her speech so full of noblesse I missed to check her address / she got off in Lyon she blew a kiss and said I see you / so that - I must now write - was love at first sight // many years have passed by remembering jasmine and the black eyes / each time I take that railway I hope for a replay / I recall her radiance from just an atom of her fragrance / oh lord it's like a skydive our love must wait for next life // lazy I let you go you no name bird jasmine wondergirl / crazy I miss you so will never ever find my pearl

evira (thema - segelhissen und fischerheimkehr): we sail into the rising sun / the wind is blowing strong / I know that I will soon be home / it’s where my heart belongs // we sail into the rising sun / no place I’d rather be / I know that I will soon be home / she’s waiting there for me // it’s one for all that I love / it’s two for all that I need / it’s three for all that I want // evira evira evira mia ke dhio / evira evira na pame sto chorio

fissouni (thema - parzival im internet): riding through the bits an byted deserts of the cyberspace / a dozen avatars in the jungle of the world wide maze / which castle do they conquer for their king / which damsel are they courting when they sing / they shatter trojan horses / delete spam virus‘ sources // all those virtual bogs cleared by the vassals of camelot

frangosyriani (thema - esoterische rollenspiele): tell me sister who are you / are you muslim are you jew / tell me sister who are you / are you passenger or crew / tell me sister who are you / are you happy are you blue // I'm a singer in a band / a tourist crumbed with sand / I'm a rider on the storm / I'm an actor on a stage / a wizard and a sage / playing roles since I've been born // I'm a father to my sons / a trapper draped with guns / I'm a spider in a swarm / I'm a winner in a game / a cad of fishy fame / making worlds until reborn // who are you

girls (thema - extrem und mittelweg): nora is an atheist no angels and no future / while emptiness fills monica who meditates on zen / and barbara gets horny watching masochistic torture / whereas alice is a feminist her enemies all men // mathilda feels depressed she’s a victim who’s the traitor / fatma’s revolution bombs should change what we believe / carmen drives ferrari deals with african dictators / ruth is an ascetic no compassion just naive // girls - why don’t you steer a middle course / why not adopt the golden mean / are you afraid to find the source

grastuno (thema - jugendliebe): sitting on the old town wall / waiting for the sunset ball / I know this place from former days / long years ago // here I was sitting as a boy / full of joy / I've come back from far away / and I wish I could stay // sunset hour with all the power / fills my heart with love and longing / music and all the beauty / let me always think of you // what has become of you / our sweet love is like a tattoo / I just feel as if you're by my side / when I close my eyes // sitting on the old town wall / light-years ago / oh my darling did you know / that you taught me how to love

hasret (thema - ursprung des lebens): searching far beyond the galaxies / birth blood and breath / darkness and death / tasting the seeds of our world // inspiration / meditation / it's a magic journey to your self // incarnation / destination / it's a mystery of time and space

heartbreakers (thema - wir selber): balkan express in the air / let‘s mix your sound / loops from bulgaria or rumania turned around / greece stands for longing / and turkey adds oriental touches / soul from the ghettoes sounds profound // we are your favourite boy group / playing music full of joy / friends forever / never-ending everlasting heartbreakers / here we are

imar aven (thema - alkoholsoldaten): 'cause I'm a soldier of general bourbaki / I need no love or culture I just need raki // never drink espresso in a bistro / never want caresses from no miss / never drink no alcopops in discos / never long for no topmodel's kiss / never drink rivella in zermatt / never dream of cinderella's hut / never drink no guiness in a pub / never meet no princess in a club / never drink champagne in a corvette / never sing in rain for a brunette / never drink martini in a pool / never rub no genie in a school / never drink chianti in a chill out / never take no antiageing pill // I'm a soldier of bourbaki need no culture (no lover) just need raki

inox (thema - heiratsanzeigen): strong handsome trucker main interest soccer / true peaceful prince is seeking open hearted princess / thessaloniki cowboy king of the highway / ready to meet his queen tonight in the moonlight // good looking mistress main interest fitness / true peaceful princess seeking open hearted prince / thessaloniki call girl queen of the whirlpool / ready to meet her king tonight in the moonlight

jerusalem (thema - nahostkonflikt): jerusalem desired by christians / jerusalem acclaimed by jews / jerusalem adored by muslims / her name betrayed smirched and abused // no more text about al aqsa / no more poem about the dome / no single line about mount zion / until we stop the bloody plot

kaliopi (thema - musenkuss): staring at a white sheet / pencil movement off-beat / got to write some lyrics / need my muse’s gimmicks // a word unheard kaliopi / a verse diverse kaliopi / a breeze from greece kaliopi / a kiss o miss kaliopi // all I want kaliopi / all I need kaliopi / searching for kaliopi / longing for kaliopi // all I want kaliopi / all I need kaliopi / kiss me quick kaliopi / kiss me please kaliopi

keremejli (thema - westeuropäische kulturalternativen): hanibal and the elephants / too bad they didn't conquer zurich and the alps / attila's horseback huns in rome / our hope unfortunately shattered by a pope / charles the hammer what a shame / drove abd er-rahman's arab army back to spain / cannonballs shelling vienna's walls / but turkish pashas lost the battle we recall // oriental way of life / four occasions messed up / oriental paradise / redlined in the west / thank you for trying hanibal attila abd er-rahman and ibrahim pasha / shame on cornelius pope leo the first on charles martellus and the house of habsburg // oriental way of life / oriental paradise

kinise (thema - sphärenmusik): there's a world of sound around me / I open my heart I can hear it / there's a melody inside me / it's echo vibrates in every thought word and deed // music from the sun the moon and the stars / harmonies composed by venus and mars / I can hear the mountains rivers and seas / I conduct a choir of roses and trees

lullaby (thema - wünsche): a computer and a scooter / flat screen telly royal jelly / reputation admiration / lullaby for a wish // a new robot and the jackpot / escort service eco furnace / tax deduction liposuction / lullaby for a wish // when our desires are fulfilled we believe / finally peace we achieve / but our desires will increase by tonight / grow to a million (billion) megabyte

mektup (thema - matrix und string-theorie): space is but an illusion made up by our mind / matter nuclear fusion emptiness combined // string vibration and music that's the only truth / magnetism and mouse clicks just a kind of blues // freely floating planets and moons programmed by cosmic love / well dressed women playing bassoon they are the general staff // string vibration and music that's the only truth / gravitation and joysticks just a kind of blues // follow the matrix track meet the men in black

misirlou (thema - abenteuer auf kreuzfahrten für frühpensionierte): early retirement yeah let‘s go on a cruise / basic requirement tramp stamp popeye tattoos / rock me titanic evoke captain haddock‘s curse / no panic mechanic icebergs are far dispersed // bermuda triangle northwest passage cape horn / the rudder sea-tangled neptune‘s scalp ragged and torn / escorted by dolphins shark-fins and whales we sail / somalian pirates plague-rats and rum line the trail

mokkananda (thema - glückseligkeit beim kaffee trinken): mokkananda - smell the fragrance of roast beans / mokkananda - hear the pressure of the steam / mokkananda - see the colour how unique / mokkananda - feel the cup how warm and sleek // coffee makes the spoon go round / what a lovely sound / coffee wakes the dead alive / daily dose take five

nebish freilach (thema - mut zum tanzen): dance, dance, dance, enjoy your body / let your shoes find the rhythm of the groove / down and up life is a dance / listen to the music this is your chance // senseless useless a waste of time / don‘t be silly don‘t be shy why don‘t you try / down and up life is a dance / listen to the music this is (was) your chance

nevermore (thema - rabenbesuch): sorrows are burning my bosom’s core / doubts of whither’s my lost lenore / can’t forget her oh I implore / will I ever feel what I felt before // do I hear her name from the nightly shore / someone knocks at my chamber door / ‘tis glad tidings of sweet lenore / no – just a raven a bird of yore // what’s thy name oh bird of lore / quoth the raven nevermore / shall I clasp my lost lenore / quoth the raven nevermore / take thy beak from off my heart / quoth the raven nevermore / leave my loneliness and part / quoth the raven nevermore // perched like a statue above the door / casting shadows upon the floor / stirring memories of fair lenore / edgar allan’s raven for evermore

orexi (thema - fleischeslust): I think of spicy rice with mutton eyes / please give me wild geese peas and cottage cheese / a shake of cornflakes steaks and chocolate cakes / I‘m in a good mood if I get a soup // I take some t-rex‘ eggs with chicken legs / my hope a coke some roast goat on a toast / some dips of pigs‘ ribs chips and venus‘ figs / I‘m in a good mood if I get a fruit // I want cevapcici souvlakia siskebap / or else I gonna shout out loud / cevapcici souvlakia siskebap / I need to eat some meat

orim (thema - schlechte nachrichten): breakfast with my family / listening to some trendy sound in radio / nine o‘clock calamity / here we are the news in fm stereo // an airplane crashed / some bombs explode / twenty million refugees around the world / a baby drowned / some schoolgirls raped / sunny weather soccer scores and stock exchange // why is my peace disturbed by news / do I have to listen can I choose / how can I help the hungry children / the mothers of the soldiers killed // waiting for good news / filtering abuse / hoping our compassion helps the victims of the flood / watch the tele less / unsubscribe the press / trying not to miss the day without a stain of blood

pajdushko (thema - mauerbau-mauerfall): berlin 1989 a triumph of trabant car design / but peacelines hinder belfast catholics to play with protestant belfast kids / hear me call knock down the wall / I miss you brother I'm alone // ishmael and israel a 700 kilometres concrete jail / european razorwire in morocco shields from african culture shock - o / hear me call pull down the wall / I miss you sister I'm alone // soon we stroll up ledra street where greek and turkish coffee is sweet / what is possible in nicosia why can't they do it in korea / hear me call knock down the wall / I miss you brother I'm alone // even in the land of total liberty an endless tortilla fence stops poverty / are we afraid to meet our neighbours just because of different identity papers / hear me call pull down the wall / I miss you sister I'm alone

pushka berdanka (thema - landleben oder mega-city): fleecy flocks adorn the hills and valleys smile with corn with wavy corn / quiet rivers drive the mill wheels fish are jumping high where I was born // in sodom techno beats strike drugged up teenie girls / knifers kick their heels in packs 'round black cars / sin city's bankers vie with mafia launderers who can plunder freddie mac // thatched hobbit cottages indwelt by peaceful folk and country talk / the sun shines warm upon my face the grass I walk is green I love the scene // whereas gomorrah's suicide fanatics sow seeds of terrifying fear blood and tears / sin city's industries and nuclear power plants poison water food and air

quark (thema - chaostheorie, mikrokosmos-makrokosmos): boomerang - when a dolphin dives / boomerang - when the post arrives / boomerang boomerang - see how a star is born // roundabout - a cherry blossom drops / roundabout - a maserati stops / roundabout roundabout - see how a day is born // shooting star - a raindrop gently falls / shooting star - tatjana‘s mother calls / shooting star shooting star - see how a wish is born // paradise - when I paint my shoes / paradise - when I smile at you / paradise paradise - see how a child is born // hooligan - an icy blizzard blows / hooligan - a baker shapes a loaf / hooligan hooligan - see how a dream is born // candlelight - when you think of me / candlelight - when you disagree / candlelight candlelight - see how a song is born

retenish (thema - morgenstern): palmstroem old an aimless rover / walking in the wrong direction / at a busy intersection / is run over (by a car) / how he says his life restoring / and with pluck his death ignoring / can an accident like this / ever happen what's amiss // did the state administration / fail in motor transportation / did police ignore the need / for reducing driving speed / isn't there a prohibition / barring motorized transmission / of the living to the dead / was the driver right who sped // tightly swathed in dampened tissues / he explores the legal issues / and it soon is clear as air / cars were not permitted there / and he comes to the conclusion / his mishap was an illusion / for he reasons pointedly / that which must not cannot be

robotnik (thema - workaholics): leave me alone I am working / tell them we won‘t come tonight / sorry I‘m gone for a meeting / no sex my love I am tired / maybe we go out tomorrow / can‘t you see I have to do // no fun no pleasure no beauty / no one could help me don‘t try / please understand it‘s my duty / heroes of work never die // heroes of work heroes of work heroes of work never die / or they commit or they commit suicide

shqipedonski (thema - lindbergh's transatlantikflug): let's slip the bonds of ground / dance the sky on silver wings / climb to the sun-split clouds / fling the craft through halls of wind // up to the silence / swinging with easy grace / sense how the dark blue blends / with sanctity of space // high in the silence / exposed to the void's embrace / put out my grateful hands / to touch His holy face

sifflet (thema - verwirrende diätenvielfalt): my lovey says I need a diet / this notion causes deep disquiet / I've fattened up I must acknowledge / but that's no reason to horn in on my way of stuffing my paunch // she might be right I yield and try it / low fat low carb low protein diet / got no degree from health food college / shall I do flat belly's atkins or macrobiotics for lunch // vitamin a vitamin b vitamin c vitamin d / eat what you love love what you eat / proteins and fats carbohydrates

skopje city (thema - romantischer tanz): dancing romancing your head on my shoulder / night could be cold but I hold you tight / dancing romancing music around us / sweet love had found us on that breathtaking night // dance with me dance like we did that evening / when we were together in the april rain / music was playing poor heart was beating / looking at each other hoping you would stay // when I asked you for a dance you gave me a charming smile / it took me a little while to understand

sonaradikos (thema - sklave der liebe oder freiheit): you are free when you look at the sun / you are free when you look at the stars / you are free when the sun and the moon and the stars / they are falling down from above // you are even free when you’re dead, dead and gone / and you close your eyes forever / but I tell you one thing / you're never ever free / because you’re a prisoner of your love

tel sari (thema - friede im tierreich): may there be peace on earth / peace in our heart let's agree / may there be peace on earth / let it begin with me // cats kissing the dogs / hens play with a fox / a crocodile would smile / fish singing on trees / bears dance with bees / a horse and rattlesnake would chat

thalassa (thema - shakespeare über musik): (in klammern jeweils das passende shakespeare-stück) shakespeare shake my hand / make me forget my junk food gaming river rafting thrill adrenaline / shakespeare be my friend / let's shake quotation cocktails made of poetry distilled // lover's grief has gone I'm lovelorn but it's fun / if music be the food of love play on (twelfth night) / wanna trim and slim move every single limb / now music sound and sing your solemn hymn (much ado about nothing) // dance provokes no harm bans heartsickness alarm / 'tis good though music oft hath such a charm (measure for measure) / give me more champagne I have to feel the pain / to know the cause why music was ordain'd (taming of the shrew) // still I feel not free keep loving cute marie / if music and sweet poetry agree (poetry - dowland and spenser) / can I reach her spheres which utterance appears / like softest music to attending ears (romeo and juliet) // cool men talk of sex but often one forgets / loud music is too harsh for ladies' heads (pericles) / when I speak hard core marie says I'm no whore / this music mads me let it sound no more (richard II)

time machine (thema - zeitreisen): doctor julia rolex and professor joy calypso disappeared / neighbours friends and time detectives cannot find a trace of them how weird / meanwhile in the ice age joy and julia hunt a mammoth with a spear / instantly they taste the blood of caesar at the end of his career / quickly the two travellers type mayday help we lost control of date / curled up in the fifth dimension time computers find a golden gate / 1999 ok but aliens from polaris coming near / come on joy let‘s flee into a parallel reality oh dear / finally an unexpected wormhole crosses our celestial sphere / doctor julia rolex and professor joy calypso reappear

ukrainski (thema - unmögliches und ungedachtes): does anyone know the dreams of the snow / has anybody seen the tangerine queen // can anyone tell the thoughts of a shell / will anybody find an untroubled mind // does anyone dare to circle a square / can anybody buy a star in the sky // no no / no one can tell

vallja (thema - tanzen im rhythmus): oh my feet won’t stand still / when I hear the magic tune / when I hear the roaring thunder / of the rhythm in my ear // pumping bass and stomping drums / strike my ears like raging bulls / even sweetest melodies / cannot cannot soothe my pulse // still my feet won’t stand still / when I hear the magic tune / can’t control the eruption / of emotion in my soul

why not (thema - schüchternheit): shall I talk to her - why not / I'm sure she doesn't care - why not / or offer her some booze - why not / who knows she might refuse - why not / I'm not a playboy don't know what to say / just you try // her red lips smile at me - why not / no no that's just a dream - why not / my heart is beating loud - why not / perhaps she's very proud - why not / please help me what would casanova say / don't be shy

xenogamy (thema - biographie): what if I lived in america / and what if I loved mary anne / what if my party were communist / and what if I were a priest // if I adored a line of coke / or if I was born deaf and blind / what if they cloned me in futureworld / and what if I were a girl // a different biography won‘t change your history / freedom’s just a choice let‘s pick a card / a different chronology won‘t change your destiny / life is just a game let‘s play a part

xmas blues (thema - wirtschaftskrise): I‘m no money king to buy a diamond ring / got no bank account to invite you out / got no cash in hand for our wedding band / nil on asset-side for my jet set bride // got no credit card no red rose sweetheart / empty treasure house no armani blouse / got no sponsorship no vacation trip / got no banker‘s draft got no xmas gift my love // money kicks the world around / dollar euro british pound / they are the three kings of the west / stressed depressed and dispossessed // that‘s why good chinese will buy our bad virtual debts / (how complex) using traveller‘s cheques / with virtual funds swapped for virtual bonds / they embark on amusement parks

zlatna sredina (thema - roadies und groupies): harry is the roadie he carries all the load for us / judy is the groupie she cooks the food and cleans the bus // who‘s working in the hall / it‘s harry the roadie / who‘s shopping in the mall / it‘s judy the groupie / tell me who will get the booze / who will paint the shoes / he who checks the sound / she who hangs around / tell me who installs the light / who recalls last night

zombie (thema - vom smartphone abgelenkte zeitgenossen im öffentlichen raum): me and my iphone selfie stick and click / I’m homo digitalis model lunatic / let’s chat on facebook twitter what’s app on youtube flickr / ring up my boy friend tell him I’m just round the bend / comment retweet like weblogs post pics check in-box / homo digitalis follows hashtags friends and trends // zombie – zombie / blind across the road – zombie download mode / headphones on and mike – zombie businesslike / typing SMS – zombie loneliness // unsocial media ask wikipedia / updating googling sexting skyping second life / let’s chat on facebook twitter what’s app on youtube flickr / ring up my boy friend tell him I’m just round the bend / comment retweet like weblogs post pics check in-box / homo digitalis follows hashtags friends and trends

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