aufnahme aus dem jahr 2016 (cd xenogamy)

über das stück: volkslied aus kroatien, dunje zute ist eine gelbe quitte

über den text: eine unvergessliche, unwiederbringliche romantische begegnung auf einer reise, der volle herzschmerz

once upon a voyage I met her in that first class carriage / her speech so full of noblesse I missed to check her address / she got off in Lyon she blew a kiss and said I see you / so that - I must now write - was love at first sight // many years have passed by remembering jasmine and the black eyes / each time I take that railway I hope for a replay / I recall her ra-diance from just an atom of her fragrance / oh Lord it‘s like a skydive our love must wait for next life // lazy I let you go you no name bird jasmine wondergirl / crazy I miss you so will never ever find my pearl